Business enterprise day

Although pupils will not actually be making a drink, they will be given a list of ingredients they must include, as well as a list of extra ingredients i.e. vitamins, that they might choose to include depending on what purpose the sports drink is for i.e. is it a recovery drink or an energy drink?

They must research the specific roles of the vitamins in the human body, to a point where they can present their findings to the panel. They must create a brand; logo, slogan, advertisement poster as well as designing what the bottle will look like. (Possibility of a TV advert?)

They must be well aware of all the finances associated with launching a new product i.e. expected turnover, profit & loss profiles, supply & demand information. They must then market the product to the panel of industry experts, highlighting all their findings, why they chose the product and ingredients, why they branded it in a specific way and what market is it aimed towards.

There will be a list of criteria that the pupils must follow, so that they can answer the questions from the experts.

The industry experts will decide which team has the best product.

The day is very intense; it is an effective team bonding exercise and gets very competitive. Previous feedback has indicated that pupils learn best in this type of environment.