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LoveSchool offer a professional service that is unique.

LoveSchool are flexible around individual school timetables. They take into account that all schools have different resources, therefore we adapt efficiently to all given situations.

LoveSchool interacts differently with each school they work with, as we base our presentation around the personalities of individual pupils at the school; hence maximising the level of participation throughout our events.

LoveSchool take many strategic factors into consideration; hence making sure that pupils fully interact with our team of professional athletes, and hence get the most out of the services we provide. This includes factors such as: ratio of boys to girls at the school, ethnic background of the students and age of the students.

  • Flexible timetable
  • Strategic planning
  • Adapting to your school
  • Personalised service
  • Fun & challenging activites

LoveSchool believes that strategic planning is extremely necessary, as it allows pupils to relate to the professional athletes on a more personal level, and hence better understand the key messages being delivered within the services we provide.

Our engaging presentations take pupils on a journey, while educating them on key topics such as healthy eating, exercise, sleep, revision and their options in the near future. LoveSchool believes this will greatly help student motivation levels in and out of school


LoveSchool are highly involved with many aspects of local communities, as we understand the importance that building bridges can have on the lives of pupils.

We therefore try and continue inspiring pupils after our visits, by making them aware of local sports clubs and societies that they can be part of. Statistics show that engaging pupils in sports from an early age can ultimately help them understand the importance of hard work and persistence when trying to achieve their personal goals.



LoveSchool are currently operating within schools throughout the UK.


Over 400 primary & secondary schools have used our service in 2015/2016.


We deliver up to 5 unique projects within every school we attend.

years of experience

On the 1st September 2016, it was our 6 year anniversary


We had a great experience
We had a great experience
We had a great experience